Instructions for use Bioretin

Anti wrinkle face, neck and décolleté on – cream-mask {Dora the chemistry of} cosmetic procedures without the injected solution, the only alternative compared to expensive salons. But for maximum impact carefully examine Statement, provided cream and follow.

Packaging instructions are applied, in paper form, but we replicated him here is a step-by-step version:

  1. Preparation. Умойте person, remove all color cosmetics.
  2. Application. Apply with light massage movements, tool face, neck and décolleté.
  3. I'm waiting for. Export the cream for 10 minutes let soak, and then wash your face.

Read More: the frequency of application 2 times a day, and use a full course - 30 days.

Note. To achieve maximum results, the course application {Chemistry Dora} is repeated several times.

Indications {Chemistry Dora}

Cream-mask {Chemistry Dora} the following indications: pigment spots; the bags under his eyes; vine, cheek; fine and deep wrinkles; crow's feet. Anti-aging advice starting with all the men and women of 18 years of age, regardless of skin condition.

Contraindications {Chemistry Dora}

{Chemistry Dora} is contraindicated if such skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, affecting the front part.

It is not recommended to persons under 18 years of age to use a cream.

If you have damaged the skin (scratch, inflammation, etc.) implementation tools the abandonment of complete tissue regeneration.

In case of individual intolerance of components, a leading composition, use more cream {Dora Chemistry}, the manufacturer recommends that you give up.