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Hi everyone! I tell myself today crema, it was very effective for me, tired and worn skin. My skin type: combination, troubled, exhausted. I am 46 years old, I do smoke, I live in Berlin and the lifestyle very perfect (clean and fresh air in sufficient quantity). I think it was a familiar situation for many people.

I'm starting all the problems of facial expressions. Age something like that.. a little weak nutrition - to get.. and all the sign.

I noticed a photo of me it's time to go heavy artillery.

Bioretin test1

Yes, your own experiments Pharmacy. Like a lot of us. But you know what? Almost every cream, odd components in there that haven't. Actually, it worked, just went in the trash a lot of money for what charles thought for himself. Just some cream that didn't help. Some left the film, brightness, black spots why. This is why I learned to understand formulations. For the detection of important components - collagen, moisturizing and restore, and low-molecular hyaluronic acid. Baby natural extracts - here isn't important, it wasn't important, allergies and irritations. And, of course, filler, wrinkle.

Dominant Japanese facial massage, to help develop me improved skin tone and elasticity of the {Dora's Chemistry}. Requirements cream (natural ingredients).

Suitable for use every day and it helps solve all your problems. I use the second month and I don't see the accumulation of the reducing the effectiveness. And you will, I hope, *fingers cross*

The location is great, the highlight for fast results and efficiency. Is also a good thing, {Dora Chemistry} cheaper. True, you're right, on the site, поспрашивала nearby - no one will sell the same Летуаль doesn't know anything about him. Because they may be the price is high enough. Disadvantages can be connected at this point, though, is not a problem for me personally.

Hopefully I'm sick of you! and the result you can get the photo yet.

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