Gymnastics Facial: 10 minutes a day to prolong the youthfulness and the freshness of the skin

Athletes know how important they are to the different sets of exercises for each group of muscles of the human body. If the newspaper does not do the exercises, others will admire elastic, beautiful, tones the stomach with no bad fats or folds. If you tend to do curls with dumbbells, then do not be ashamed to bare her perfect, as if carved in stone muscles.

Few people know that in the same way, it is necessary to work with the muscles of the face that require constant, regular, daily exercise. Without this, of all ages changes are quite natural and start after 20: 25 there are "crow's feet", 30 — wrinkles on forehead in the 40 — fall the corners of the lips and nasolabial folds are detected. This sad evidence of age can prevent, postpone the onset of old age.

As modern women focus on eternal youth and beauty, today's unprecedented popularity has the face of art — specially designed exercises for the face, a set of exercises that train the muscles of the face, making them more elastic and flexible. Every woman can easily manage at home.

gymnastics for face1

Face building: work on the result

There is a perception that, while maintaining the maximum of the immobility of face can save your skin from wrinkles and stretching. The idea of developing and working the muscles in the wrong. Like other muscles in our body, they need training: if they are not loading, lose their elasticity, the flexibility and the vitality, be soft . If you regularly do exercises for the face, which actively start to resist premature aging and gain vitality and freshness. The result is obvious. As a general rule, in this case the effect of which will not have long to wait. After a month of the face of the building, you notice significant changes in the facial skin and contours:

gymnastics for face2
  • the skin is elastic to the touch, very elastic;
  • the recovery of the skin is healthy and radiant, because the exercises improve lymphatic drainage, improve the circulation of the blood;
  • the outline of the face becomes the clarity, of relief, of beautiful form;
  • double chin is slowly but surely starts to disappear;
  • superficial mimic wrinkles are smoothed out, and becomes not so visible;
  • transforms the skin around the eyes disappear bags, bags, glasses, small wrinkles, called "goose feet";
  • well-executed exercises relieve fatigue and exhaustion;
  • the muscles of the lips are relaxed, your path becomes more clear, disappear, "the wrinkles of pain" in their corners;
  • massage face to get rid of facial wrinkles in this part of the face;
  • as will be further strengthened naso labial muscles, the wrinkles disappear,

As a broad impact on almost all the age changes of the skin, can not give any salon treatments and beauty products.

Elastic, rubber, tightened the skin, clearly defined facial shape without a touch of age and the changes associated with aging are a luxury they are able to buy every woman at almost any age.

In the exercise for the face that they only need 10 minutes a day is a negligible fee for such elegant results. They must not think that you have nothing: the art of the face of the building is quite simple.

Instructions for the completion of a gymnastics person

If exercises for the muscles of the face — in the case of totally new and unknown, fear not: you will quickly master, because nowadays, there are many tutorials on this issue. Here you need to make a reservation: the face of the building is different. You can pick up a set of exercises specifically directed against the formation of wrinkles, specifically designed to get rid of double chin, nasolabial folds. With time, you can choose any gymnastics, but start is still with a universal complex, in which all the exercises are aimed at rejuvenation and facelift. Following the basic rules and the techniques of realization of the face of the building, you will be able to quickly get the results.

  1. The most important rule: you need to participate will be daily, not to miss a single day. The regularity is one of the most important conditions for the success of all the exercises for the face. Only if the muscles are the load constant (it is recommended to increase over time), you will be able to acquire the necessary firmness and elasticity. If for some reason you haven't found the 10 minutes in your day for the practice of the faith in the building of muscle very quickly atrophy, lose tone buy.
  2. Time for gymnastics facial that you can choose for yourself: it can be morning, lunch at work, in the evening, in any convenient interval of time in the busy Affairs of the day. The Experts, the best option is called the time of the afternoon, about two hours before you go to sleep. The skin is in a semi relaxed state, as cleaning. The length of the face of the building in 10 minutes you can vary independently: this is the recommended minimum, which can be extended up to 20 minutes, if your goal is faster and more lasting effect of their activities.
  3. Select a specific set of exercises for the face, as mentioned above, the first one is more universal. It should be 8-12 exercises, each of which must be carried out 6-8 times a day.
  4. After three months of intense training, when the results will please you and delight others, you will be able to assess the weak points of your facial muscles that are less suitable for the training. Some cosmetic flaws can be very stable: someone a long time can not get rid of the double chin, and someone who does not take a horizontal fold wrinkles on the forehead. Once you have these defects, which do not want to leave your beautiful face, select the face of art specifically for them. Three months is given in the development of new gymnastics, then again to change the set of exercises according to your needs or go back to the old and universal. The most important thing here is the diversity, which does not allow the muscles to stop, to get used to the same complex.
  5. After gymnastics facial is finished, it is necessary to wash with cold water, then pamper your skin with your favorite daily cream.

If you take into account these simple shades in your home classroom, with a view to the construction of the face will turn you into a real pleasure and delight for its stunning results.

After each lesson done in good faith, the tiredness and the irritation accumulated during the day were: to remain a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Magical 10 minutes of good mood and satisfaction with life. Thus, the results of hasbinding appreciated, the goal is to. Manual developed and adopted. The last step is to choose your face an appropriate set of exercises.

Exercises for the face and neck

Numerous exercises for the muscles of the face gives scope for choice and at the same time confusing. The choice of one or the other complex, to see that it was not of more than 12 years, and that they developed sequentially, all the parts of the face: forehead, eyes, cheeks, the nose, the lips, the chin, the neck. Try to do each exercise, exercise: to understand how they work, how difficult they are for you, the comfortable you will make them. All of this is important, because in the period of three months was to live with them, and if they are mismatched, it is not likely to give you a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

Exercise vs naso labial folds

Write a bite of the air. Roll the formed balloon of a cheek of another, and therefore, it is the tension of the muscles of the two cheeks to the limit.

The exercise of the wrinkles on a forehead

Open the eyes, as if they are very surprised by something, but try in any case not to wrinkle the forehead. Focus on specific, randomly selected point in the distance, take a moment with a face and eyes looking in the distance, 10-15 seconds.

Year of the lips

Press firmly on the lips, try it through the power of a smile, interfering with the same, try all the time to keep the lips. Then pull them forward as far as possible, the cheeks pull inward, into itself. Fix this position for not less than 10 seconds.

Exercise for nasolabial folds

Smile, press lightly with the fingers on the big hoco eye shadow crease. Lift slightly with the fingers the skin, tighten the muscles of your face, so that the fingers felt a strong resistance, but did not let go of the skin.

Exercise vs sad in the mouth

Stretch your neck as far forward as possible, draw a kiss. Tighten your facial muscles, try to blow air through the lips. Attach the index and middle fingers, the lips, the press in the light, try to do again the same.

Exercise of facial wrinkles

Open your mouth for the maximum width, stick out your tongue, roll the eyes, keep for a minute in this position. Then, take a deep breath by the nose, make a fist, seriously the effort of all the muscles of the face. Exhale through the mouth, stick his tongue out, lipocyte eyes.

Exercise against the double chin

This exercise will be useful not only for the fixation of the muscles of the chin and the entire lower jaw, but also for the neck and the shoulder. Tilt the head way back, find the tip of the tongue tuber, which is located at the top of the sky and hit him in the language. Rotate the head to the maximum to the left, stretching the neck. Do the same in the opposite direction.

The year of the vertical wrinkles on the forehead

Press down firmly on each of the other three mid fingers (both hands), place them on either side of the vertical wrinkles on his forehead. Cancel will be low at the edge of the eyebrows. Then, pull with the fingers the skin, start to slowly push your hands in different directions. Keep your skin for a full minute, keep it like this all the time, try to move the eyebrows, keep them in a maximum stressed state.

The exercise of the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead

The index finger put on the eyebrows, try to repeat with fingers in their curved shape. Raise surprised eyebrows, providing them with the fingers of the resistance.

Don't be afraid to experiment and make your own set of exercises. Perfect exercises for the face and neck that gives you pleasure and turns. If you feel that any exercise that are not given, replace it by another, that is from another complex, the most important thing is to train the same group of the facial muscles.

Competent, careful selection of exercises for the face — a very important event, which in large part will depend on new results.

Set a goal, go at it aggressively without turning off the intended path, and then you can forget about the complex about their age.