Peptides in cosmetics (injection): comments, the instructions of use and efficiency

The founder of biorevitalization - revolutionary directions in cosmetology, rejuvenation of the skin at cellular level – think of a Swiss doctor Paulus Nihans, in 1913 he began to carry out experiments on cells from human embryos.

It is the peptides in cosmetology (injection), comments on the impact on the body produces at the time a furor among the users, are the original basis of biorevitalization (injections, stimulating the restoration of the natural moisture of the skin).

In addition, this panacea beauticians willing to add the products aimed at the care of the skin of the face and body, combat hair loss, etc.

Yes, of great popularity, who was winning the peptides in cosmetology (injection). Comments help to make the procedure increasingly popular.

What are they for?

Peptides for the face and the body began to be used in several ways:

  • anti-aging and moisturizing;
  • blocking the activity of the sebaceous glands and provide acne reduction ;
  • the activation of the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid;
  • having a Botox-like effect.

These funds are actively used to solve problems such as rosacea, excessive pigmentation, wrinkles, separation of fat, increased skin sensitivity, changes in the age-specific, scars, acne, etc. in addition to the facial skin, they are also used for the body turned on decollete, neck, knees, elbows, intimate area.

One of the advantages of the drug is the compatibility of different treatments cosmetics: creams, contour plastics, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, laser, etc.

Peptides in cosmetics (injection) reviews cosmetologists idea as the only way to solve different aesthetic problems and significantly improve the performance of the other techniques of injection.

From the point of view of organic chemistry, this substance is a biologically active natural or synthetic molecules, representing the two or more amino acids linked with a peptide connection. These short chain proteins have unique properties with their help makes it possible to streamline all the processes that occur in the body. Peptides such as the launch of a programme of rejuvenation: to submit your "team", the body again starts producing the necessary amount of proteins, which leads to efficient rejuvenation of all tissues.

That stimulates the production of skin elastin and collagen. Under its influence, she regains the elasticity, the visual alignment of the relief, the reduction of wrinkles.

On the benefits and side effects

Cosmetologists include peptide components among the most promising for the use in mesotherapy and biorevitalization, the improvement in contour, and also to introduce them to the outside of the cosmetic. In comparison with products based on amino acids and proteins, peptides have several advantages that make its use not only by experts when performing cosmetic procedures, but also at home .

The aforementioned compounds are used in the preparation for surgery and in the postoperative period, before and after complex cosmetic procedures. This is justified by the following characteristics of peptide therapy:

Peptides skin rejuvenation1
  • it accelerates the process of regeneration;
  • improvement of the adaptation of the skin;
  • reduces the period of rehabilitation;
  • reduces the risk of complications.

Unfortunately, the use of these substances in the bio-regulation does not exclude side effects due to its ability to influence many cells of different tissues. For example, positively-characterized cytokines in the blood negatively affect the body. In certain diseases the peptides cause activation of the inflammatory process, Allergy. It is also able to trigger the development of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis, gout, cancer, disease.

These episodes side effects of cosmetic surgery this means, in practice, there was no evidence, but, in theory, does not exclude the risk of its appearance.

Injection techniques application

According to numerous reviews, injection of peptide combined with hyaluronic acid work wonders. Courses of treatments with a basis of these products significantly improve condition of the skin, contribute to the improvement of the internal processes that rejuvenate skin cells. After biorevitalization with the addition of the name substances face looks young and radiant.

In modern cosmetology peptides - guard of beauty. Manual for the use of drugs offers a description of the rules as to injection and without injection technology.

The procedure biorevitalization

At the beginning of the session, the beautician treats the problem of the area of anaesthetic cream, then makes subcutaneous injection. Necessary to see the effects of the day after the procedure. Does not require any special type of rehabilitation, enough for a few days of not doing the makeup, don't touch the face, the site of administration to process an antiseptic and in the period of two weeks to withdraw from the pool, the sauna, the exercise.

Usually enough 3-4 procedures, biorevitalization, with two weeks of rest between them.

Along with biorevitalization in cosmetics applied as an effective injection procedure based on peptides, such as mesotherapy. What is its essence? It differs from biorevitalization of the fact that it uses hyaluronic acid, in addition, the effect of this procedure is less resistant.

Mesotherapy is used to repair defects of the skin of the face and the body. Using this procedure solve the following problems:

  • cellulite and fat deposits (abdomen, hips, buttocks);
  • manifestations of rosacea;
  • and scars;
  • enlarged pores, excessive oiliness of the skin.

Name of injection is used in the form of courses for 4 - 5 treatments with 10 days of rest between them. That require a periodic control about the result: after mesotherapy patients need occasional injections with an interval of several months.

Both procedures are contraindicated in:

  • if allergy or hypersensitivity;
  • during pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • in the predisposition to the scar of the skin;
  • in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • for skin defects in the place of the intention of the operation.

A new word in the injection of cosmetology

Platinum innovation are peptides in cosmetics. The use of this tool in biorevitalization provides effective hydration and nutrition of skin, eliminates imperfections, and rejuvenates.

In the product contains substances, obtained by biotechnology synthesis. Peptide complexes of this line have different point of application of the rejuvenating impact on the skin. The drug that stimulates the regeneration of phytoplasma (the cells of the skin tissue), improves blood circulation, microcirculation and the production of collagen. The result is a strengthening and lifting, provides an improvement in the texture, color and moisture of the skin.

The series is enriched with the powerful antioxidant protection, able to exert antiradical and anti-tumour activity, to provide resistance to photo aging, significantly accelerate the process of cell detoxification. Each peptide has a narrow focus, a common is an effective moisturiser from the first session and extension activities at the end of the course.

The drugs are injected subcutaneously and intradermally using special techniques biorevitalization and bioreinforcement. Used in the presence of various aesthetic defects, inflammatory diseases, hair loss, seborrhea, etc.

The alternative is "injection of beauty"

Peptides skin rejuvenation2

Many of the users that have a negative attitude towards a "shot of beauty", I prefer without the injection of peptides. Cream with Botox effect, has a strong position in cosmetics as an effective alternative to the Botox procedure, has its advantages and disadvantages.

The creams with Botox effect, the absence of the botulinum toxin, with the result that they do not provide the same apparent effect as the injection. But the application of creams, unlike injections, there are no contraindications and side effects. The active components of the cosmetic effect of Botox - peptides, mimics of the botulinum toxin can slow the passage of impulses from the nerve endings of the muscles, resulting in soft, relaxation and smoothing of wrinkles.

The advantages of the cream include:

  • the absence (in practice) the side effects;
  • to ensure a natural appearance of a person (excludes the effect of the "doll", inherent to the injections);
  • the most effective anti-aging action.

Disadvantages creams consider a less pronounced smoothing effect, the need to regulate the use for 1-2 months a significant cost.

In recent years, the research and application of peptides in cosmetics showed their high efficiency. The use of these drugs allows in a short period of time to minimize the results of aging of the skin and to solve many other problems. The use of peptides has become one of the most promising directions in modern cosmetology.