Leeches for facial rejuvenation

With age, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner, it becomes dry and sensitive. As a result, creases and wrinkles. But not to give the medicine develops, reaches new heights. Now it is not necessary to go under the knife in order to return the face to its former freshness. There are other equally efficient.

Leeches for facial rejuvenation1

Hirudotherapy – leeches rejuvenation

The effectiveness of the treatment and rejuvenation of the skin leeches are legendary. This method is called hirudotherapy. Leeches contribute to the improvement of metabolism, due to which the wrinkles are smoothed, and the skin for improvement.Hirudotherapy not only care of a specific subject, but also revitalizes the whole body.

Today hirudotherapy can be found in some beauty salons, for this reason it is very popular and effective. Use leeches to rejuvenate the face, improve skin tone, treatment of acne and acne, tightening of muscles, anti-pigmentation. These miracles occur due to the fact that the secret of the leech contain enzymes that break down fat and increases the synthesis of collagen.

Leeches for facial rejuvenation2

There is a whole branch of cosmetology – wiredplastic. With the help of leeches can even make a circular facelift and to get rid of the scars.

What you need to know about hirudotherapy

  1. Currently, there are about four hundred species of leeches, but only one of the species has been used successfully to treat a number of diseases. This medicinal leeches, which, in turn, is divided into two subspecies — chemist and medical.
  2. Before you start the process, the doctor is obliged to make the analysis in the clotting of the blood! Increase bleeding is an absolute contraindications for hirudotherapy.
  3. To put leeches should only be a specialist: if the manipulation leech could spit out the dirty blood in the wound or leave my teeth.
  4. Leeches not only suck the bad blood, as there is a perception. We use the one that comes in the place of sucking. But if you put a leech at the site of the inflammation, is the thinning of the thickness of blood and stop the inflammatory process with the help of his "magic" of the saliva.
  5. Universal points, revitalizing the entire body and a rejuvenation of the impact on the coccyx and on the liver area.
  6. A leech is used only once, therefore, the risk of infection is zero! Layout is typically performed with the patient in order to avoid to remain in silence.
Leeches for facial rejuvenation3

Contraindications for hirudotherapy

  • the disease of the coagulation of the blood;
  • anemia with hemoglobin below 100 g/l;
  • exhaustion and bleeding;
  • allergic to the enzyme leeches (rare);
  • pregnancy;
  • Oncology (the probability to publish in the elements of the tumor);
  • low blood pressure;
  • psychological intolerance.

Due to the fact that the skin is rejuvenated after the intervention

  • improves circulation of the blood;
  • the skin is smooth, healthy and beautiful;
  • the facial muscles come in tone;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • suspended the inflammation;
  • the immune system is restored.

What more care leeches?

  • Diseases related to blood vessels;
  • Various diseases of internal organs, having a skin problems;
  • Many gynecological diseases;
  • The depression,stress and other nervous disorders;
  • To achieve an aesthetic effect.

For cosmetic purposes to rejuvenate the face usually put leeches behind the ears, on the neck of the area, the special points. If you use the above points in the liver and tailbone, the result of the intensified treatment will give more effective results. It is, as they say, "face". And leave the tiredness and the lethargy.

Don't be afraid of leeches, and even more squeamish about them! After all, to bring people much benefit and cure various diseases, improve the condition of the body as a whole! And rejuvenation leeches is just a Bang – the result is visible immediately!