Oxygen mesotherapy for face: description, results, comments

Fortunately, modern cosmetology is not standing still. More than fifty years a procedure called "mesotherapy injection". She helps women and men in the fight against the signs of aging. Its essence lies in the fact that with the help of injections under the skin there are several drugs that promote the rejuvenation. For example, enter the hyaluronic acid, salts of magnesium and silicon, phospholipids (to stimulate collagen and improve the elasticity of cell membranes). Also in different cases are introduced antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes, substances hormonal. Recipe anti-aging "cocktail" designates a cosmetologist, depending on the diagnosis results.

Oxygen rejuvenation1

But this method has many defects, and it is already a bit outdated. First, the injections are not very pleasant, and during a procedure, the realization of close to a hundred stitches, and even more. In the second place, there can be swelling, redness after that. Third, people are only afraid of the needle. This procedure is not for everyone. In addition, it takes a bit of time for the healing of the papules that remain from the stitches.

Good replacement injectable mesotherapy oxygen

Currently, it is possible to achieve a significant effect, without the injections. It is an innovative method of rejuvenation and the fight against imperfections of the skin – oxygen mesotherapy. The method is that the nutrients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin with a targeted jet of oxygen. For the presentation of his use of a special apparatus. Oxygen mesotherapy has the great advantage that it is carried out without the violation of the integrity of the integuments skin. In addition, during the procedure, a major role of oxygen, which facilitates the regeneration of tissue and cellular metabolism.

Just think: after all, in the reserve area in the mountains, the oxygen content in the air is not more than 25%, and the use of oxygen mesotherapy easily increase the oxygen content up to 95-98%! However, he was working directly to eliminate a specific problem.

How is the procedure?

Oxygen facial mesotherapy is performed in the following way:

  1. Area of the procedure is thoroughly cleaned. It is possible to carry out gas-liquid peeling.
  2. Directly on the skin to apply a "cocktail" of medications. The drugs are selected individually by the cosmetologist
  3. Using the device, that the point of delivery of oxygen at a pressure of 2 atmosphere, the active components of the drug penetrate under the skin.
  4. Testimony

    Without injection of oxygen mesotherapy not only removes the fine lines and wrinkles, but also removes dark circles in the eye area, traces of acne and evens out the skin tone. Also the indication of this procedure is dryness or, on the contrary, the oiliness of the skin, spots on the face, scars, double chin, ptosis.

    Oxygen mesotherapy is suitable for people of all ages. It is not only a resurfacing, which can help you to fix most cosmetic problems, to cope with many diseases of the skin.


    There are almost no contraindications. However, there are cases in which it is not necessary to use this method:

    • Can suffer from an Allergy to one of the components of the drug, which is applied to the skin during the procedure.
    • The period of exacerbation of certain skin diseases such as psoriasis, herpes, eczema.
    • During pregnancy you need to consult with your doctor.

    In all other cases, if there are indications of the application, oxygen mesotherapy is allowed.


    This cosmetic procedure is very effective, and the result is visible almost immediately. After a couple of hours the skin will look radiant and fresh. The course consists of 6-10 sessions, which are held 1-2 times a week.

    With these procedures, that can solve problems and uneven skin, acne, vascular veins, redness and, of course, remove wrinkles, "crow's feet" around the eyes, deep nasal labial furrows without plastic surgery!


    Also oxygen mesotherapy successfully corrects the form and in the improvement of cellulite, stretch marks, improvement in general skin tone. Therefore, there is a course, not only for the face but for the body.

    A cosmetologist can pass the whitening of the course, during which the skin enriched with vitamins a, C, E and becomes lighter due to substances inhibiting the production of melanin. After the end of the session fade pigmentation spots, freckles, dark acne scars.

    Course moisturizing hyaluronic acid gives the skin freshness and brightness of youth.

    Oxygen rejuvenation2

    It is based on vitamins, ceramides and antioxidants. The course aims to restore the metabolic processes and cell renewal.

    Oxygen mesotherapy without injections well eliminates stretch marks and remove cellulite with caffeine, carnitine and amino acids. Along with the oxygen and substances in the auxiliary, they penetrate into the upper layers of the skin, to normalize between the cellular metabolism, improve blood circulation, the tone of the skin. After the first treatment, a noticeable significant improvement. In addition, a significant advantage is that there is a violation the skin, does not leave redness and bruising. If you need to quickly return the skin in order to, for example, before the summer holidays, then this option is the best of all possible.

    Tips for choosing the specialist, salon

    But it is important to remember that if you decide to rejuvenation, removal of acne, skin blemishes, or just to spend an acceleration of the rate, the oxygen mesotherapy is primarily a medical procedure and should be performed by a specialist. There may be only a beautician, who took some courses, be sure to ask to show a diploma of medical education.

    Also don't trust a man with practice in the field of medicine, physiotherapy of less than two years. This is very important. Don't rely in her beauty to the layman, the consequences can be very sad! In addition, not all the beauty salon where cosmetologists make hardware techniques, there is even a license for its implementation. So it's better this procedure take place in institutions or well-known cosmetology salons after checking the license and education to the health of employees.

    Please keep in mind that if you are promised immediate results, which will continue until the end of life, then you are not qualified, specialized and Amateur. This procedure is common, and if you decide on this, be willing to undergo regularly throughout life.

    A great alternative to plastic and ineffective media

    This is a great alternative to plastic surgery and laser correction, which has no side effects and does not entail unpleasant consequences. The cost is certainly high, but if you count the amount of money that each year is dedicated to the face wrinkles creams and cosmetic products ineffective, you find that it is more practical to seek the help of a beautician.

    People's Opinions

    The method by which you can really deal with most age-related and metabolic problems of the skin is oxygen facial mesotherapy. Reviews about this only positive.

    Many women who have tried the procedure, in fear of her. The result, they claim, is simply gorgeous. At least in the CIS procedure is relatively new, it has gained popularity among women and men over the age of 25 years. The effect is very visible in a couple of hours after treatment can go the whole party.