Face creams at home: recipes

The cosmetics industry is constantly working for the good of the people looked younger and better than it really is. This noble goal is dedicated to the efforts of scientists, pharmacists, beauticians. Every day there are created a new and more effective. However, the proportion of women remains faithful to the old tradition: to make cosmetics, in particular, homemade face creams, with their own hands. Justified if such an approach?

Indications for the use of homemade face creams

It happens that the skin does not perceive ready cosmetics and this is the main indication for the use of creams for the face, prepared at home. Then does not remain anything how to make homemade face creams to solve the following problems:

  • remove the dryness, aging, vitamin deficiency;
  • attention to the heat and the cold, including sensitive skin;
  • relieve fatigue, dullness, imperfections, wrinkles, crow's feet.

Form of release

The homemade recipes of face creams use improvised substances and products from the fridge. On the right hand side of this makeup is a great alternative to the ready-made cream with a complex composition and several natural supplements.

Creams for face at home 1
  • Recipes of face creams at home is able to use or create any woman. The most important thing, working with good quality raw materials, utensils, tools.
  • Need for storage of glass jars or rigid plastic, for stirring with a wooden spoon. Why not metal? The fact that oxidizes the cream in the cooking process, because of the repulsive smell and leads to loss of useful properties.

    In the work of useful medical syringes, pipettes, a spoon to measure out the ingredients in drops or small volumes.

    Creams for face at home 2

    Creative people are making adjustments in the recipes, because the imagination in any work not superfluous. But the change can also be unlimited. For example, the replacement shall be subject only to the same type of components (oils, herbal teas, vitamins), the base can not be replaced, otherwise, the end result is something that is not convenient and mutually exclusive.

    For oily and problem skin it is recommended to be based on proteins, egg yolk, gelatin, glycerin, for dry and distressed – cream, butter, paraffin, wax.

    Homemade cream store around 2 weeks, then foliated and non-existent. The optimal dose for this period – up to 20 ml.

    Homemade face cream for wrinkles

    Homemade face creams, it is important to remember that it did not last very long, if they do not contain special preservatives. Do not throw out damaged the rest, any homemade face cream wrinkles also, prepare yourself for a few days, maximum a week.

    • A simple recipe for those who don't like difficult task and a lot of run action. Ingredients – 2 tablespoons of honey, proteins, 1 tablespoon of glycerin. Mix and add flour until the dough is thick. The use of standards: apply to clean face and neck for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. To consolidate the effect, it is recommended that you periodically wash extract of chamomile.

    The cream of the medicinal raw materials: collect 3 leaves of mountain ash, 8 – currants, 5 – fresh stinging nettle 3 red flower of roses and Jasmine, 50 g of parsley. Mix with natural wax, melted margarine, sunflower oil (only a tablespoon) and a teaspoon of vitamin A. Herbal ingredients for the pre-process in a blender to a pulp, then all together maximum grind.

    • Universal cream with seaweed prepared in the following way. 3 tablespoons of dried seaweed to moisten 3 tablespoonfuls of boiling water, cover. Add the lemon juice (a few drops) for oily skin, vitamin a – when dry.

    Homemade face cream moisturizing

    Some women think that to prepare homemade face creams is a troublesome matter that requires time and skills. Of course, it is easier to buy a ready means to rejoice in the fact that it is created by professionals.

    To argue this is difficult, however, prepared independently has many advantages: it is made with love and pleasure from the best quality raw materials, under the control of their own eyes and other senses.

    • If you want you can find recipes that don't require exotic ingredients and complicated manipulations: it is enough to bring down a mixture of several substances necessary for a particular case qualities.

    For example, homemade facial cream moisturiser is easy to make from strawberries. This requires a squeeze of berries mature to form three or four tablespoons of juice and add 1 teaspoon of glycerin. After 10 minutes, add 1 teaspoon of oatmeal and carefully down all together with a mixer. It is useful to apply when dry and normal skin types.

    Homemade cream for dry skin of the face

    A good cream homemade for dry skin of the face performs the following tasks:

    • compensate for the lack of fat;
    • moisturizes, enriched with nutrients;
    • eliminates irritation and flaking;
    • guarantees the freshness and the quality;
    • save the budget.

    To prepare homemade face cream with excessive dryness of the skin needs vegetable oil and broth, the yolks, the cream, the pulp of fruits and berries, honey, beeswax, and vitamin solutions.

    We offer several recipes:


    1 tablespoon fresh, or two dry raw brew Cup of boiling water with a spoon of birch kidneys. It is then cooled to close the form. Then, mixing the pre-melted wax (1 teaspoon), olive oil and butter, 3 C. vitamin A, and a spoonful of infusion. Then heated half a minute and beat.


    Take 1 tablespoon of the pulp of sweet apples with the butter and the egg yolk and 1 teaspoon warm honey. Given the homogeneity of the grinding , applied as a mask and keep it to a half hour. Weight is kept fresh when stored in the refrigerator for only 2 – 3 days.

    Homemade face cream for oily skin

    Regular use of homemade creams for oily skin oily Shine disappears, pores become less visible, the skin for improvement. This result offers all natural ingredients, no artificial colors, preservatives, and all are filled with industrial products.

    However, they wish to make homemade face cream with your hands facing some difficulties and disadvantages. Will persevere and will be rewarded.

    This cream is a difference in the appearance of the shop. If you get liquid oily, odorous substance, don't worry: it's supposed to be.

    In order to avoid possible allergic reactions that can trigger individual components, test the mixture on your wrist.

    Do not use expired weight.

    Use for cooking special dishes and quality ingredients.

    Alternate parts creams with different properties: a week apply hydrating, the second lifting, etc.

    Homemade face cream for combination skin

    The normal amount of active substances in homemade face creams – up to 7. With oily skin it is yeast, extracts of ginger, hops; dry and sensitive – propolis, vitamin E, extracts of lime, pumpkin seeds, tincture of a peony.

    • 60% of the composition is pure water or herbal decoctions.

    Make a house face cream for combination skin requires compliance with the technology, a first part of doing the minimum to be sufficient only for testing allergies. It is done at the wrist or elbow, where the skin is thin, sensitive and quickly reacts to the irritation of the components.

    Most of these recipes use dried flowers of chamomile. Of them do infusion (fill with boiling water raw materials is maintained for 15 minutes in a water bath), which after filtering is mixed with honey and glycerin (4 tablespoons. l'. infusion – 1 teaspoon of the rest of substances). Bring to homogeneity.

    The second part of the components is also preparing a bath. Melt a tablespoon of butter and the olive oil in cold mass add whipped egg yolk and a tablespoon of camphor oil. Finally, all the joins.

    Homemade day cream for the face

    Lovers of the products of own manufacturing know that the majority of the ingredients are what is called a hand, and the lack of easy to buy close to shops, markets and pharmacies. It is usually necessary to beeswax, lanolin, oils, medicinal plants, products of home.

    Homemade day cream for the face is easy to prepare with sour cream. In addition, you will need 3 egg yolks, the juice of 2 lemons, 25 g of Flaxseed oil. All mix – cream-at home on the face and around the eyes to point.

    Like other home remedies, sour cream keep in the fridge in a jar closed, no more than a week. Expired cosmetics harmful to the skin. To avoid mistakes, you should prepare a little cream, and a jar of paste a piece of paper with the date of manufacture.

    Too low temperature is also undesirable; preferably 3 degrees. If the cream during the storage was divided, – not afraid: you do not lose useful qualities. To maintain the consistency desired is possible by shaking or vigorous agitation.

    Night cream for the face at home

    Apply for the night cosmetics to the maximum nourishes and moisturizes, relieves irritation and flaking, reduces the pores and unpleasant Shine. Night creams for the face at home, to pursue these objectives.

    Face creams at home is very popular, because they can be prepared from available raw materials, for example, powdered aloe Vera and fat. 3 tablespoons water (boiled) take 1 tsp of powder, stir until smooth and pour two components of the ingredients:1 tsp. honey and 1 tablespoon d'. water of roses. Stir constantly in a water bath, slowly add 1 tsp. of aloe juice and a teaspoon – without salt.

    For juice leaves pre-incubated in the cold for 2 weeks. This procedure ensures the maximum concentration of nutrients. After 2 minutes the weight is removed, and placed facedown for storage. It is nourishing cream designed for dry skin type.

    The following tool is made of oil of peach seed, almond, olive oil (1 tablespoon) and 1 teaspoon of wax. Until the mass melted in a water bath or low heat, in another bowl, mix the boer(on the tip of a knife) with tablespoons of boiling water. Both parts are mixed and shot down at a low speed, to cool off.

    The parts are calculated for a week, because over the long-term storage does not guarantee quality.

    Side effects homemade face creams

    Reaction to potential allergens can be an unpleasant side effect homemade facial cream. These include honey, strawberries, eggs, proteins, vegetables and fruits of colors.

    Feeling an unpleasant burning sensation or dryness of the skin, immediately wash the face and re-apply: this is not your home facial cream. If the skin is particularly delicate, make a first test it on your wrist or inner surface of the elbow joint.

    Method of application and dosage

    Before how to make homemade face cream, you need to decide what effect you hope to from: moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, matting, resurfacing, etc. However, regardless of the recipe, you must follow the General rules of manufacture, storage, use homemade cosmetics. Here they are.

    • The choice of quality and fresh ingredients.
    • Do not use utensils made of metal.
    • Ready means placed in a clean, dry dishes, keep in the fridge.
    • In a pot put the note of the date.
    • Stores homemade face cream is not more than a month.
    • Apply to clean face, neck, décolleté up to three times a day.

    Benefits * accessibility, security, efficiency. By this means it was carried away in ancient times, when the cosmetic industry and did not exist, passing the secrets of the youth only in the family .

    Homemade recipe cream uses natural ingredients, especially the vegetables and the milk, the honey and other bee products. Creating homemade cosmetics-real freedom for creativity, therefore creative people can create their own unique form of beauty.

    The sample is enough to make a little bit of cream. Make sure that is exactly what your skin needs to prepare a greater part, so that the cream is not spoiled. And only then to prepare the next dose. Actions carried out in several stages.

    • Pre-solid ingredients is ground with a grater or blender, or soften by heating in a water bath.
    • Mix the components of the solids with the liquids.
    • The last stage is the agitation of mass mixer, blender, whisk.

    Ready means placed in a glass or plastic dish and put in the refrigerator. It is desirable that cosmetics, utensils not used for other purposes.